About MENA

MENA is an online gallery. We exist to bring the Middle East and North Africa’s most vibrant and unique art to the wider world.

MENA was founded by artists for artists. We promote and support artists and independent cultural producers and journalists from across the region.

In Arabic, MENA means ‘harbor’ - a place where travelers trade and exchange culture. MENA gallery is an online space where people from diverse backgrounds can interact with the most vibrant and challenging new waves from the Middle Eastern art scene.

More than A gallery

Where did it start..

and how does MENA work

MENA is a project of “Untold Stories”, a non-profit based in Berlin that manages the Syrian independent media platform “SyriaUntold”.

We have the primary goal to serve as a platform that can help independent artists, cultural producers and journalists to receive additional income.

For this reason, we offer competitive rates of sharing for your products.

In addition, we will work incessantly to promote the artist's work online and offline.

who we are

We are not just a gallery. We exist to bring the region’s most vibrant, unique and newest art to the wider world.

Buying art from Mena, means supporting independent artists and journalists

we offer







We have dynamic social and earned media strategies to connect your work with the most relevant audiences of potential buyers.

Mena’s share goes towards promoting the artist's work and supporting independent journalism.

We have a generous advertising budget to promote artist's work.

We offer artists a 65 revenue split.

we promote all works free of charge.

Meet our team:




We exist to support Artists

It started like not just as an idea, but also as a need to interduce the world to a deferent art perspective.

Ammar Al Mamoun

Enrico De Angelis

Zena El Abdalla

founder / Manager



Zena El Abdalla is a Syrian architect and multidisciplinary artist whose work takes multiple forms including performance, painting, installation design, visual art, architecture, product design, text, and interior design.

Enrico De Angelis is an independent researcher specialized in Arab Media. He is one of the co-founders of the platform SyriaUntold and of the Italian version of Orient XXI.

Ammar Al Mamoun is a journalist, cultural researcher and PHD candidate at La Sorbonne (Paris 1) specialized in aesthetics and cultural studies.

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