Jafar Safatli

Jafar Safatli is a civil engineer and artist born in Lattakia-Syria. He found
his passion in visual arts at a young age, first started as a traditional artist
working with mediums such as charcoal, water colors, oil colors…etc.
taking an academic approach and studying anatomy, color theory, and
color relevancy. attempting to gain the required set of skills and
knowledge to express his ideas and feelings through painting.
Later on he started to experiment with different mediums and tools to
create art, such as digital art and digital painting, sculpting, nature art
and fabric art.
In his work he shares glimpses of his imagination, where he created a
world of Fantasy. By employing fictional and fantastical interpretations
he versuchs to express his ideas and opinions about subject matters
related to society, politics…etc as well as express his feelings as a human
on his own journey of life, for art is and always has been his voice and
coping mechanism.
He moved to Germany in late 2018 holding on to his dream of exploring
the world of art and sharing his work. Hoping that one day this dream will
be fulfilled.

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