T-Shirt “Trump”


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Painting By: Abdalla Al Omari

white T-Shirt

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As part “the vulnerability series,” Abdalla Omari (1986- Now) reintroduces political figures alongside those who are affected by their acts and utters as “sovereigns”. focusing on the representations of Syrian victimhood, by placing those who cause harm as “victims” themselves.

There is an uncanny feeling that surrounds us when we gaze at Omari’s work, the familiar faces of politicians in harm contradicts deeply the images they try to maintain. In Omari’s frame we see the opposed of the clean, well dressed, “safe” official images that flow on news.

Omari employs aesthetic representation to step into the multitudes of the world of “what if”, what if trump was forced to leave his country ? what if trump had nothing but a plastic bag, a daughter and an image of lost ones ?.

The previous questions seek no answer, yet they reveal the horrific possibility that “every one” might face as a result of living in a world of uncertainty. Trump, Assad , Merkel and others are no longer those who are protected, we are “all” floating in a world where a country could be destroyed in front of the world, a world where the sea might become a grave yard of dreams and floating bodies. So, why not a sovereign becoming one of those who lost all ?