Mug “T liberated, Pressure”


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Painting By: Dima Nachawi

Coffee Mug

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A Sisyphean tragedy is summed by being stuck in a loop that one can never escape,   no matter if one realized it or not , the repetition of the same life-consuming-act will never stop. but, a woman’s struggle is Nachawi’s painting  “social pressure” is not hopeless , she can move, yet can’t because of Stones of society,  stones that could have been thrown on her, those stones are not the “problem”, It’s obeying the “measure” that represents the hardest obstacle .

measure that maintains her in one place, in one position, all the social and political stigmas on her back could be removed, pushed away. Yet, it’s that physical measure, supported by “he” that need to be broken not taken a way.

The hand of an invisible body pushing a “women” down  is open to interpretation. it could be the invisible , unnamed power applied on a woman physically and emotionally, it could be also a reference to all “men”, those who just “push down” without knowing or noticing.

No solution  is presented in the painting, its political engagement goes beyond what we see,  conveying a message that says: one woman can’t change the statues que, yet all women can stand up to face and stop those who keep them down.