The city in my head

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By: Dima Nachawi

Original size: A4
Mixed media on paper

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A dream/ a memory needs no solid land, a phrase that could describe the painting “the city in my head “by Dima Nashawi.  Coming herself from a broken country (Syria), she see cities -like all of those who were forced left- as something of a memory, or a childhood fable that could be found in books, memoirs or personal sketches.

The woman figure in the painting floats as memories grow physically and emotionally in her head, a city is not only a text in a book or a photograph in a frame, but also a living organism that grows within us, even if we left it, its geography, streets and weather all inhabit us, fed by memory, nostalgia and the dream of coming back.

What captivates us in “the city in my head” is the peacefulness of the constellation we see, a sense that is produced by the   entanglement between the flow of memories and the act of reading from a personal diary, a sense that leads to a process of self-making after the lost of one’s city, the place where “I” is created through out the years.

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