we will love as long

50 800 

By: Dima Nachawi

Original size: A3
Mixed media on papers

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There is a peaceful feeling that inhabits us when we look at Nachawi’s painting “we will live as long”, even though the lovers in carnal union are surrounded with all the reasons of rupture: a haunting wolf in the sky, showers of bombs, rosy-spikey wires and a city floating on the edge of the abyss. the way they are represented reflects harmony and trust something that we lost in our modern world.

the painting captures  a personal dream of any two lovers witnessing the destruction of what is around them, there is no fix place for them but each other’s arms, this intimate representation is a magnification of what is inside each home in the city on edge, there is always an “other” that promises survival, peace and security, as if Nachawi is showing us  that there is always hope, an “other”  that could be a home, a city and an extension of “I”.

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