A safe space

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Digital painting by: Sara Khayat

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In this artwork, Sarah tries to remember the last place she felt safe when she found her memory taking her back to her grandmother’s house “Umm Mahmoud” , a strong, beautiful woman full of giving. She used to put Arabic kohel in her eyes and henna on her hair. With the scent of roses, she was loved by all who knew her.

Sara describes her most unforgettable day “the night of Eid” : ”We used to gather together: Tetteh, Grandpa, their daughters, my mother and my brother. And we started making the maamoul (a type of cookies), and the feast was done. Each of us had a role.

Grandfather prepared the dough and the filling, and it was a variety of pistachios, walnuts and dates. Then the large table was set up and the portable electric oven was started. Everyone laughed and made the “maamoul”, but as soon as I smelled its sweet smell, I ran and stood in front of it. I thought that if I stood like this it would be baked faster and I would be able to eat a hot ma’amoula.”

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