Crow Delegation

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Digital Painting

By: Jafar Safatli

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In this illustration Safatli’s “boy named Crow” arrives to hermannplatz in Berlin, surrounded by beings that we can’t identify where they come from or who are they. we just know that they accompany the Artist’s figure.  Their journey might be in time, according to the accompanying text, or they might be leading Safatli to his new home.

But, A question should be raised, is the figure we see the only one who arrived, or is he just another passenger , one that belongs to a long line neo-commers.

Space loses its concrete meaning in this illustration (to be exact in all the ones representing the boy named crow), we have traces of a familiar area, but nothing is certain ,one here could ask, how far did voyage actually took?.

The Arabic Calligraphy inscribed on an adjacent column leaves baffled, it’s a citation from a well know Sufi figure, AL Halaj, it indicates that after experiencing  a certain “distance” being far or close is meaningless, all become one: the Place, the time, the I, and “the other” that we seek.

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