I wish I could – Aleppo

80 400 

By: Dima Nachawi

Original size: A4

Mixed media on paper

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In “I wish I could” Nachawi re-produces in her own dreamy style, the Iconic representation of a woman/ mother using her bare body to protect her children/ her city.

This romantic representation has a modern political message, Death comes from “above” at the shape of bombs while what is “below” is subject to brutal violence applied directly on the flesh, this bloody image appears  if we gazed enough at the painting and used our own “knowledge” to expect what will happen with each bomb.

This painting revels the horrific effects of the political concept “he who governs the sky, governs the earth“, meaning : sovereignty from above leads to the destruction of what’s below.  In Nachawi painting this mode of domination is not ignored , since survival against  a war machine is a “wish”,  a false  “hope”  that drives us to face this machine with our bare bodies knowing what the results are. Yet, the act of sacrifice is what is remembered as a promise of a better tomorrow.

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