Her Scent

50 3.000 

By: Abdul Razzak Shaballout

Oil on canvas

100 x 100 cm


As if Abdul razzak Shabllout (1974-now) is placing us in face of a sensual dilemma in his painting “her scent”, in other words, can a painting capture the smell of someone that is not only absent, but also non-visible in the painting itself, leaving us with a painting of necklace, a trace of an object that once touched her, she who is absent.

Yet, the previous dilemma is nothing but a threshold into a unique aesthetic experience, where memory is pushed to its limits, not only attempting to “capture” an unknown smell, but also an unknown woman, making the neckless itself, the hyper realistic representation of it, an invitation to imagine, a smell, a woman, and the endless time of staring at her trace/neckless.

The hyper realistic representation of the necklaces is also an attempt to engage our tactile memory, when our eyes capture Turquoise, emerald, azure , gold and copper our “skin” attempts to recall the feeling of touching each,   the warmth, the chilliness,  the coldness..etc.  all these senses that tingles the tips of our fingers are born while we gaze at “her scent”.

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