80 1.500 

By: Abdul Razzak Shaballout

Oil on canvas

40 X 50 cm


One can not list how fruits and their mise-en-scene are represented in art history, especially that each constellation and type of fruit reflects a social and economic status, and most importantly : time and its effect on shape, fibers, texture…etc.

in Abdul Razzak SHabllout (1974-now) Persimmon, the constellation is simple, two fruits placed on a ceramic plate, with a table reflecting light, bars a window,  a faraway sky and may be a basket. Naming the components of the constellation might serve nothing, but in shaballout hyper realism, aesthetics becomes a process of k(now)ing, where time and its “freshness” is condensed in a single moment.

A moment that we can’t describe as with verbs like “freezing” or “capturing”, but one can say framing the micro-movement of freshness, the moment before the process of degradation begins, a moment where light is perfectly reflected , textures are at the edge of dismantling. We can say that the hyper realism of shaballout traps that moment, as if time is looped into the moment of “now”, an eternal loop of non-time.

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