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Photography By: Guevara Namer

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Namer’s self-exploration crosses the boundaries of the human body, and through the natural and urban environment and its components, it progressively expresses the lovelessness experienced by the artist. In the series Under Berlin Sky, a profound sense of distance, as well as loneliness, emerge from the traces of the artist’s portrait that sometimes melts to the point of transparency or vanishes when superimposed on someone else’s body, architecture, or city landscapes. The photo Farest (2010) reaches the climax of Namer’s intimate and geographic journey. The fabrics of a thorny plant, which was shot in the most remote border of Syria, before entering the military area and the Golan Heights, is a metaphor of violence, but looking at it in retrospect, it culminates the sense of alienation and suspension, as well as the recurrent, uncomfortable, enduring sensation of belonging to nowhere.

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Dimensions 50 × 70 cm