What is home

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Digital painting by: Sara Khayat

50 X 30 cm

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“Home..is it a place full of memories? Is it an overwhelming feeling? Is it people we cherish? Is its meaning fixed or does it change with time and the situation we are going through?” The Syrian illustrator Sarah Khayat tries to answer these questions through a series of drawings “what is home” that reflect her attempt to search for her homeland after leaving Syria in 2015 following the worsening situation and the intensification of battles.

In her third drawing of this Series Sara talks about her relationship with Lebanon, Describing her own experience there saying: “In Lebanon, home was the lap of grandma Alia.

Although I am supposed to be Lebanese, my mother couldn’t give me citizenship simply because Lebanese law does not allow the mother to pass the nationality to her husband or children. In fact, I was a complete stranger in Lebanon. I was living abroad twice: once because of the law, and once because of the looks of some people at me, people who treated me since my childhood as a stranger and many times held me responsible for the crimes of the Syrian regime in Lebanon. That is why Lebanon would never have been my homeland.”

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