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Digital Painting

By: Jafar Safatli

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In this illustration Safatli’s fable about “a boy named Crow” continues, where the masked figure rests/ dies on a chair, as if the split “ego” has completed its journey towards total separation. the gothic themes are more obvious now, the darkness of self and space is lightened by T.V screens, spaces of uncertainty and hyper reality. in one of them, the artist’s figure is visible, holding a camera, gazing at us, not his other “ego”.

The poly-lingual elements that Safatli uses in his illustrations, leaves us in hermeneutical no man’s land, what Langue shall we adapt ? which meaning ? how far will it affect our aesthetic interpretation ? these questions seek no answer, as if we are in front of pieces  of a puzzle that we have the freedom  to arrange them in the way we prefer/feel.

There is a text that accompanies this illustration, entitled “the night before we traveled in time” describing a conversation between heart and mind.

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